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Author Interview: Adam Howe

Today, I am lucky to do a Q & A with Adam Howe, author of Black Cat Mojo. If you haven't read my review yet, go here: The Dark Reviews.

Tell us about the book:

1)  What was your inspiration for Black Cat Mojo?Check out the story notes at the end of the book for the long version.  Short version?  ‘Weird news’ and ‘dumb crime’ articles.  I started writing these goofy crime/horror stories and something seemed to click.
2)  What made you combine these novelettes into a single book? The stories have an animal theme, and are unified by noir-ish characters, doomed by their pasts and their own bad decisions.  But for purely mercenary reasons, I required a certain word count for a print version of the book, and I wanted that print version on my shelf!
3)  Where did titles like, Jesus in a Dog’s Ass come from?  There’s a popular slogan for a UK paint brand.  ‘Does exactly what it says it on the tin.’  I was writing about a dog’s ass.  There was no prettying that up.  Bottom line (no pun i…