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On Characters

Here is a list of tips On Characters:
1-Every scuffed shoe and stained collar provides reams of information for your reader, and makes your job easier. 2-Every character, whether major or minor is motivated by something. 3-Rather than describing your character through physical appearance, try creating a sense of who he is and how he looks based on what he does and how he moves. 4-It’s only through writing and rewriting that characters finally gain their feet and become well defined. 5-Good characters almost never see themselves as others do. 6-Interview or observe someone who shares your character’s experience. 7-Characters are what they do. 8-Part of a character’s identity is what others say about him. 9-If the circumstances change, is okay for the characters to change too. 10-Physical description is not characterization. 11-First impressions are important: when a character first shows up in a story, readers start to like them or dislike them right away. 12-It is always good to give characters e…