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End of the World: Books

What's my my favorite Science Fiction sub-genre? Post-Apocalyptic fiction. The end of the world scenario some of us love to write about. But I'm not the only one. People's morbid obsession with the unknowable, sometimes depressing and oppressive, future has been around for a very long time. Mary Shelly's The Last Man was published in 1826. But does that make us negative folks or just imaginative thinkers? I choose the latter. So let us all speculate away. 

There has been many books on the subject, many fiction novels, too. And many ways of ending this whole thing: pandemics, viruses, nuclear wars, solar hiccups, aliens, zombies...a lot of ways. And so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite post-apocalyptic books out there. And no, I am not including Stephen King's The Stand or Cormac McCarthy's The Road. Those two books are in enough lists: