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End of the world: Survival must-haves

Let's talk about the end of the world stock piles. Why? Why not? My new upcoming post-apocalyptic novel, Hear Me Scream, which will be released Spring 2014 (shameless self-promotion) has me in that mind set. This one goes out to all you preppers out there. You might already know most of this stuff, but if you don't know them all, I have a few things I'd like to discuss. Like essentials:
Water:      It doesn't matter whether you have a pond or a creek nearby or a water tank full to the brim. Find more. Get as many bottles as you can steal find. Storing buckets to collect rain is also a good idea. I think I saw this in 28 Days Later. We can't live without water and so never get too comfortable with the idea that you have enough. Besides, isn't the world running out of fresh water, right now? 
     2. Canned Food:
     I remember having read  Earth Abides and thought, "Will old can foods really be edible fifty years after a collapse?" I don't know, bu…